In 1965, I was born in Essen-Steele and grew up there as a real country kid. When I was 12, I performed with my school-band on stage for the first time, and that’s when I knew: this is where I belong. I continued working with my school-band until finishing school, but music was always a part of me - no matter where I was or what I was doing.

After training to become a singer, spending many years with many bands and making countless valuable experiences, I have ended up in Cologne, where I now focus fully on my music. And all those years and experiences have poured into my music. Handcrafted music that comes from the heart. That’s my motto. In each of my songs, there is a story from my life.

Living on the Street, for example, is inspired by the time I worked as a street musician. I met many homeless people then and every encounter made such a strong impression on me that I devote this song (and donate its proceeds) to them. Charity-Projekt Gulliver

Just as authentic as the content is, equally genuine is my music. On stage, I perform only with my guitar and my loop station; on my CDs, I am accompanied by exceptional musicians, who have more than earned the label “artist”. The fact that music is an art is often forgotten. All the more important to me is the directness of my songs: a pure piece of music, handcrafted.

EP "4/20 the song".
Released March 2015.
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EP here...
While playing as a streetmusician, a homeless man sat across from where I was performing and listened to my music for almost two hours Then he got up and put 2 € in my hat…