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Tour dates 2024

See the complete list of my tour dates for 2024. 


Download the complete list of my tour dates from 2011 to 2020 (PDF-File).

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Rostock 15.06.24
Kühlungsborn 01.07.24
Rostock 06.07.24
Nonnevitz 11.07.24
Spreewald 16.07.24
Erfurt 20.07.24


Just as authentic as the content is, equally genuine is Jay Kalian Music. Lyrics straight from live experiences, Rock Pop of the 70s/80s style. The fact that music is an art is often forgotten. More important to Jay is the directness of his songs: a pure piece of music, handmade.

4/20 EP

4/20 - the song

Released: March 2015

Album the eyes of a child

the eyes of a child

Released: July 2013

Jay Kalian is officially entered for consideration as Artist of the Year in the 2024 Annual Akademia Music Awards!


Jay Kalian, multiple winner of WDR 2 Szene NRW, also scored points in the US. The stage has become Jay Kalian's living room for more than 2000 concerts. With different programs and Band variations, he toured successfully through Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Africa/Zanzibar, the Netherlands, Albania, Belgium, Croatia & the US.


Award-winning singer-songwriter Jay Kalian,
winner of the 2017 Akademia Award, was inducted into the
Hall of Fame of the Akademia Music Awards in 2023.


Akademia Award Ceremony 2018; Los Angeles


"Augen die nichts sehen, Ohren die nichts hören, Stimmen die nichts sagen…."

Mit dem Song never again verarbeitet Jay die erlebten Jahre der Krise.

Hey Jaynation,

Jay's song "Never Again" is all about processing the tough times. It's about eyes that don't see, ears that don't hear, and voices that don't speak. This song really expresses deep emotions and experiences. We hope you feel the music and get the message behind it.

Your loyalty and support mean a lot to us.

Onelove !


"Soulful guitar riffs, gorgeous vocals and compelling lyrics make this song a pop rock knockout and make JAY KALIAN one to watch in the coming years."

                                   AKADEMIA AWARDS


Jaywith his friends (Fingerstyle Guitar: Markus Gahlen, Percussion: Lorenzo Thompson, Harmonyvoice Dany Franke) performing live in Cologne one of his original song’s „Please take my hand“.

...and Duet

Jay with his duet partner Dany from a concert in Los Angeles at Kulag’s Woodshed performing „close your eye’s“ from James Taylor.




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